About Me

I’m a humorously sarcastic, sassy and self confident, passionate mother of one teenager and two young adult children. I guess I can be pretty direct at times, not mean or anything, but when dealing with adults (that I know well) I just say what has to be said. I give people the benefit of the doubt that they are adults and I just don’t see the point of soft peddling everything, it kinda seems condescending to me. I don’t like passive aggressive types because I can usually see right through it. I try not to let others get me down because after all, we all fall short of the glory of God so I do let things go and forgive easily. I’m not really an overly sensitive or emotional woman as some women go, but many friends WOULD describe me as passionate and very expressive, which can be confused as emotional by some…especially if they’re looking for something to criticize. I guess I should have been born Italian, ha! And I do say what’s on my mind to those I think can handle it..…after I’ve given it some thought of course. But there have been times I’ve been wrong about those who can handle it and they can’t. At times I talk loud, I laugh loud, I breathe loud….but that’s mostly when I sleep, lol.

I have a number of hobbies I enjoy; reading, sewing, cooking, singing, dogs, bike riding, etc., but out of all of them, I probably enjoy traveling the most.  There’s just something about hopping on a plane heading off to some unknown place!  I absolutely love seeing new places and different cultures.  I prefer independent travel rather than tours and cruises, but that might change as I get older.

I’ve lived in Southern California pretty much all my life other than a couple of occasions where my parents took us all to Florida to live when I was a kid. But we only stayed a year each time so it certainly never became “home” as I know it.  But if it were up to me, I could pick up and move in a heartbeat. I may not stay there long, but I would enjoy the change for a while!


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