Day 14 – Valencia, Spain 2012 – May 27, Sunday

Today we woke up to say goodbye to our beautiful place at Hotel Montiboli. It’s bittersweet because it is so beautiful, and I would have loved a few more days here, but we also get to go to….wait……..wait for it……..VALENCIA!

We arrived to find Valencia very beautiful, but kind of confusing to find our hotel. There are lots of one way streets, blocked off streets, and bridges that take you underground leaving you completely disoriented about which direction you are going, etc. But we eventually found our way and unloaded our now heavier luggage….and we haven’t even done most of our shopping yet! We definitely have to find small things to buy from here on out!

After checking in and getting settled in our room, we went out to hit the streets of Valencia. This town is really quite beautiful in the old historic area. The apartments and buildings are so beautiful. Lots of pretty character to them all, and most are well maintained. The streets are mostly tree lined and there are lots of palm trees around too. There are outdoor café’s and shops all around, lots of people out and about too. We did a little souvenir shopping before stopping for a glass of cold horchata. I don’t really care for it, but Joey enjoyed it. They even had little mobile stands selling it on street corners. There was an open air market out in the middle of the plaza so we walked around there for a bit. Funny, but my feet have revived themselves! For now…

We eventually stopped for some dinner…our last night of tapas eating. There are lots of tapas places around here, lots of ice cream too! Everyone was eating ice cream, especially the older ladies! But we were saving room for our churros y chocolate for our dessert ;). We finally settled on a place for tapas and we each ordered a drink and helped ourselves to some tapas places out on the bar. Each one has a tooth pick in it (like an hors d’oeuvre might), and when you are finished, the waitress counts how many sticks you have on your plate and that’s how she charges you! Pretty efficient actually…unless you accidently use one to pick your teeth with and forget and throw it away. Afterwards we stopped at the chocolate shop where we got our churros y chocolate. Joey ordered the regular cup of hot gooey chocolate and I ordered a sampler plate which came with four types of hot gooey chocolate. This is heavenly! Seriously, hot melted chocolate with a hot fresh doughnut? How can it not be?

By this time it was about 10pm, STILL light out, so we waddled our fat little bodies back to our hotel and called it a night!


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