Day 7 – Sevilla, Spain 2012 – May 20, Sunday

There must be something in these sheets (like Dorothy in the poppy fields ;)), but I have been sleeping soooo good! Luckily today we have the window open in our room and the church bells have been going off like crazy so they woke me up at 8am! And then of course, they go off at 9am too….for a long time! I think mass must be starting. Darn, missed it. Oh well, was hoping they’d have multiple services today, since it’s Sunday here and all, but we never made it.

We did however get a nice vente Starbucks coffee and walked around most of the morning. We also bought our tickets to a flamenco show! We found out that one of the best places to see the flamenco is right on the ground floor at our hotel…how perfect. Tonight the “fantastic Pastora Galván dances”. She was voted best female flamenco dancer by Spanish critics last year so this was promised to be a special treat for us. “Pastora Galván is from Sevilla, baby sister to the most cutting edge flamenco dancer today, Israel Galván, and daughter of old school living flamenco legend José Galván. Pastora was arguably the greatest star of the last edition of the Bienal in Sevilla, the largest and most prestigious flamenco festival in the world. Tonight she is performing together with her husband Cristian Guerrero on cante/song. You will also see young dancer Antonio Molina “El Choro” and Pedro Sánchez on guitar.” Does this mean anything to you? No? Me either, but it’s what I was told by an expert on the subject and lives right here in Sevilla :).

We started out on our walk this morning and found ourselves at a large park area and there was a festival of sorts going on. Kind of a Medieval type of event, with lots of vendors selling their arts and crafts, and lots of food as well. Joey quickly spotted a Gyro place and he ordered one for himself, and I had some kind of couscous fritter thingie. Both were excellent. We stopped to watch a knife juggler on a stage for awhile, but not understanding a word he said we decided to move on, ha ha. We stopped at one little stand selling sangria and each got a glass. Then we noticed some big bbq roasting place with all kinds of meat on these large round spinning grills. There were pigs and ribs, black sausage and pig snouts…really yummy stuff! Well most of it anyway. We noticed a lot of people were getting a plate of octopus so we decided to try some. It came on a plate of boiled potato slices, and topped with chunks of octopus sprinkled with a little chili powder and salt. I don’t know how they do it, but they really know how to cook their octopus! It’s not rubbery at all! We also ordered a plate of “Los pimientos de Padron”…little roasted green chili’s that are very mild. We have seen them everywhere and they are tasty little suckers. We couldn’t finish everything but we tried! As we left the festival, we came upon one guy who had all these endangered species type birds perched and tethered on posts. We were literally three feet from them. They were BEAUTIFUL, but being a bird lover, it made me kinda sad…especially when some of them flapped their wings and wanting to fly away :(.

We then walked over to the river…the “Guadalquivir River”. It’s a big winding river where you can take river boat day cruises. We also came upon “Plaza de Espana, a gigantic place…a real “palace”…lots of beautiful tile work all around. I plan to go back there and see much more and take more pictures of all the pretty mosaic tile work. Pretty much everywhere you turn you will see something old and beautiful….and many people in horse drawn carriages as well. It’s been a bit of a gloomy day here today, sunny but cloudy at times, and we even got some sprinkles at one point on our walk around town. Also some pretty strong winds came through here, but they passed pretty fast. Only once did we have to duck into a coffee shop to wait out the rain for about five minutes.

We then headed back to our hotel for a rest where I was grateful for a chance to wash my feet! It’s dirty and wet out there and of course I am in sandals. I also spent some time searching out where the bus and train stations are because we’re hoping to take a couple of day trips outside of Seville over the next couple of days. Our plan is to visit Cordoba and Jerez. Our tickets to the flamenco show were for the 10:30pm show…early here in Sevilla. But after our big lunch today, we decided to skip dinner and just head to the show to get in line before 10pm. Good thing because we got front row seats! It’s just a small venue, maybe 75 people, but still, pretty cool to have grabbed these great seats.

What can I say about the flamenco show? Ess Eee Ex Why! Sooo sexy! I don’t understand how they can move like that! And trust me, Joey and I tried going back up in the elevator to our hotel, lol. No bueno! We stopped, fearing we would send the old elevator to its death, us along with it! But it certainly was a highlight of our trip so far, very cool to watch. And I just loved the Spanish guitar player. I’ve never seen fingers move so fast! They didn’t allow pictures to be taken during the show, but they said we could take them during the last five minutes. Well…everyone did, and flash bulbs were going off everywhere as you will see in the video. But it’s a good thing they didn’t allow it during the whole show. I don’t know what else to say about the show because I think you just had to be there. Fantastico! Clap, clap, tap, tap tap, stomp!

Anyway, we have to call it an early night because the train to Cordoba was at 9am the next morning! So after a quick cup of decaf cappuccino and some cheesecake to share, off to bed we go at 12:30am….



3 thoughts on “Day 7 – Sevilla, Spain 2012 – May 20, Sunday

  1. Loved watching the Flamenco dancing, especially that cute husbandof hers!!! Ha! I don’t usually like all that facial hair, but on him it look gooood!!!! LOL She had some cute moves, too. It would be fun to see that kind of dancing in person!

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