Day 6 – Sevilla, Spain 2012 – May 19, Saturday

Today we woke up at 1:30pm…yep One Thirty PM! And I think we went to bed just after 1am so that is a LOT of sleep! But boy was it needed, we slept sooo good! We got up and threw some clothes on and headed out to the streets of Sevilla in search of some coffee. We thought we saw one place that had “regular” sized cups…you know, nice big American sized coffees but no such luck, those large cups were just for hot chocolate apparently. Oh well, café con leche would have to do, even if it meant we ordered two. We also stopped at the ATM for some much needed cash, and Joey also got some churros.

As we headed back to our hotel, we stopped for another cup of coffee and also got something on the menu that said Iberian ham, hardboiled egg, and olive oil. Okay, I could use some protein, so this would have to suffice. For some reason, they don’t do a lot of over-easy eggs here. Well…what came turned out to be some sort of cold soup, a thick bisque like broth that kinda had a tomato taste, but also tasted a bit like hummus….so I don’t know, maybe a bean like base? It had a bit of chopped hard boiled egg on top, with a smattering of crispy dried ham. It was pretty tasty, but not at all what I was expecting, ha.

Afterwards, we came back to our hotel with a plan to shower up for the day but we were slow moving so that didn’t happen for another hour or so. Instead we just sorta hung out in our room, sipping on Cava (Spanish champagne), and went through various tour brochures trying to figure out how to spend our week here in Sevilla. Eventually we got ready for our day, which turned out to be our evening. I tried Skyping with each of my kids, but none of them were online, but I eventually got Claudia online and chatted with her. Kinda cool. Still hoping to Skype with my Isabella, although she’s not a fan of looking at the computer screen for some odd reason.

Soon we were headed out into the streets again for another tapas crawl. We got a little side-tracked as we found the Cathedral of Sevilla. WOW! It is huge and amazing! It seems to take over one whole city block. We walked around the whole thing and eventually heard loud pipe organ music coming from it and noticed a nearby door open so we ventured in. Stunning! There seemed to be some sort of ceremony taking place as we saw some of the procession going on. We saw a few brides out on the streets and in the plazas so maybe they do lots of weddings…back to back maybe? Oh well, back to our search for food! Oh…and we found a Starbucks! Now…the coffee in Spain is great, really great…but we REALLY are craving a nice big vente sized cup of coffee!

We decided on one little tapas bar on a corner spot out of the wind a bit. We ordered a couple of glasses of Sangria and two tapas…one of oxtail and one was some kind of pork.  Both were pretty tasty but we knew we’d need more eventually. We thought we’d try another place but we happened upon a fish place (kind of like fast food), that served a variety of fried fish…cuttlefish, squid, anchovies, hake, prawns, etc. I sat at an outdoor table and ordered Joey a beer and a glass of wine for me. Joey went up to order the fish…which was sold by the ¼ kilo. Joey got a full kilo, thinking he needed to fill me up some since I hadn’t eaten much today. Oh my, a kilo of fried breaded fish is a LOT! We could only eat about half, choosing to leave the anchovies and some other vinegar tasting thing behind.

We finally headed back home although found ourselves stopping for one last after dinner drink of coffee con leche for Joey and a Bailey’s coffee for me. Although…sometimes things get lost in the translation and Joey ended up with espresso again, ha! Oh well, better him than me because nothing seems to keep him from sleeping! We ended up watching the last of a soccer game that went into overtime at an outdoor café with many other Spaniards before heading back to our hotel.

Kinda seemed like a short day, but I guess that happens when you sleep half of it away!



5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Sevilla, Spain 2012 – May 19, Saturday

    • A tapas is a small appetizer sized plate of food. Not like the huge appetizers we have back home (that 5 or 6 people share), more like a few bites each for 2 people. More just a little tasting. It’s customary to order a drink and a couple of tapas (one beer or a 4oz glass of wine or “cava” which is sweet sparkling wine, or sangria), then you move on to the next bar and try what they offer. Most places have a small menu of 10-20 items to choose from.

    • Oh and yes, Starbucks had their usual “Tall, Grande and Vente” coffee’s. We ordered the biggest ;). But tomorrow we may opt for the breakfast served at the hotel because for 6 euros (rather than the 4 euros at Starbucks), because you can get all the coffee you want…as well as some ham and cheese, cereal, toast, yogurt, etc.

  1. oh wow, the fish looked awesome! Do you guys see any other kind of churches? Like Baptist or W/e? And My friend says in Portugal, they put an egg on almost every meal, as protein and garnish combo. Do you see that at all in Spain?

    • I have only seen old cathedral type Catholic churches here, though there are some ancient mosques in other villages too. I think we’re gonna do a day trip to Cordoba tomorrow and see the “Great Mosque of Cordoba”.

      And so far we’ve not seen too many eggs used. We did see that in Paris though. I normally eat 3 eggs each day for breakfast and I am really missing them! They do sell them in the markets but I have no way of cooking myself any.

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