Day 5 – Sevilla, Spain 2012 – May 18, Friday

On this Friday morning we woke up early at 6am (well normally very early again for me), and we showered and got all packed up before heading down to breakfast in the little breakfast room. Today Maria made the most delicious baked pears (maybe poached?) topped with yogurt and honey. Or wait…maybe it was sour cream. I don’t recall because I ate it so darned fast! I must make these at home! And of course, she again served an assortment of breads, jams and honey…with the best coffee! Soon after breakfast, we were loading up our luggage in our rental car and saying goodbye to Maria and Collette…signing their guestbook that was filled with kind thoughts from people all over the world. Maria assured us that we would have fun in Sevilla because it is “the happy city”. Cool! I love being happy ;).

We were finally on our way to Santander, driving through green mountainous areas, as well as along the coast for awhile..I think there was water out there. It was starting to sprinkle a bit, but mostly we drove though some misty clouds. We arrived in Santander with plenty of time to catch our plane to Sevilla, so we stopped at a nearby Mc Donalds for a cup of coffee and a burger. Yes, a burger in Spain…but it’s what Joey was craving. I ate one sans the bread of course. Plus, they have free wifi so it was a perfect spot to be to check our email. Surprisingly…the kids are apparently doing fine without us :/. We then drove a block over to the tiny little airport, checked in, and were soon on our way into the bright blue skies. We flew RyanAir, which is known to be a cheap regional airline. And cheap it was…no assigned seating, and more importantly, NO reclining seats! Oh my aching back!

The flight was only about an hour and a half (where we got a very short little nap in…siesta??), and we were soon hopping into a cab who then took us on a wild drive through the busy streets of Sevilla, to the old historic part of town. This is apparently where all the fun is, and where our hotel is as well. Our cab driver dropped us off about a block or two from our hotel because the streets in this area are pretty narrow, but we easily rolled our luggage along to our hotel and got settled into our room. It’s nothing fancy, just clean and tidy, with a little window that opens to a courtyard down below. It’s much warmer here in Sevilla but there’s a nice breeze blowing through the window most of the time. And again, free wifi ;).

After freshening up and changing into cooler clothes, we ventured out into the streets to explore. We eventually stopped at one of the many outdoor cafes for a drink…because it’s apparently the thing to do! And when in Spain….;).  I ordered a cocktail that was posted on the blackboard, not really knowing what it was gonna be. The waiter said something about “frambuesa” so I knew it would be something raspberry-ish. Well who doesn’t like raspberries? Turns out it was something like a Mojito, only with a big glob of raspberry jam in the bottom. It was pretty tasty, but I soon followed it with a tried and true glass of red wine . Joey once again got his favorite beer…he is really hooked on these! We also ordered a couple of tapas…a salad w/feta cheese and some of the famous Iberian ham. We walked around some more, peeking into shops and looking at the plates of other people sitting around eating and drinking, trying to determine where this tapas crawl would take us next. It was gonna be hard to decide which tapas places to hit, everything looked so interesting! We eventually stopped at another place and tried the meatballs and potatoes, and some roasted red peppers served with bread. Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re gonna get because you have no clue what the menu says, lol.

We eventually came back to change into something a little warmer for dinner as it was starting to cool off just a tad. As we walked around, we started seeing a number of little girls all dressed up in their flamenco dresses and wondered where they were all going. I also came upon a group of 5 or 6 young teen-aged boys who attempted to talk to me…”pardon madam”…as if they maybe thought I was French? I simply said with an apologetic smile…”English”…and one said “ are so beautiful!” in his best Don Juan impression. I guess the boys learn to flirt young. Sweet! So as I strutted my newly-confident self along the streets, we eventually settled on a place for dinner. Sitting there, we saw many more of these flamenco dress wearing girls go by and I was able to snap a few shots and video of many of them passing by. Some of them were young teenage girls as well, all so beautiful!

Our dinner consisted of melon with ham and fresh fish. Our waiter was a hoot, he really enjoyed presenting everything so spectacularly for us. Perhaps it was because of Joey’s great interest he showed in the fish offerings ;). He also assured us the melon was sweet…too sweet he said. And then once again, we were being served a fish with the head still on it and as always when this happens, we recall Claudia’s reaction to having it like this when we were in the Exumas with her, ha! Frankly, it doesn’t faze me or Joey. But our waiter gently carved off the meat and served us, and then whisked away the yucky parts…leaving Joey wishing he could pick away at the carcass. As our dinner was ending, our waiter came out with a shot glass of…something…we have no clue. But it was sweet and frosty cold so we drank it.

We then continued on our walk through the narrow streets and alley ways, all which are filled out outdoor cafes and people out eating and drinking. We eventually came upon a big plaza where there seemed to be a big festival going on. THIS is where all the little flamenco girls were! And even some other little local kids participating in processions where they carried things adorned in paper flowers or incense burning objects. Lots of proud mama’s and papa’s standing nearby taking photos. There were tons of tables set up all over around a big stage and the girls were all up there dancing in their pretty little dresses. Sometimes they all would just stand there in a line and one brave little girl would take center stage and do a short little dance performance before sliding back into the line, giving opportunity to another. Then after a few minutes, another one would brave the spotlight and shake her tail feathers as well! It was all very cute and sweet, we had huge smiles on our faces the whole time! Even some of the mamas and grandmas eventually took the stage with their big shawls and pranced around for a while. It was such a festive atmosphere, we stayed there watching and taking pictures for over an hour!

We eventually decided to call it a night, but not before stopping to finish off the night with a glass of sangria, and to share some flan for dessert.


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