Day 2 – San Sebastian, Spain 2012 – May 15, Tuesday

Somehow Joey and I have still managed to be on separate sleeping patterns! The only difference is now I wake up early instead of him, (around 5:30am!) and Joey sleeps in until 8am! Obviously SOMEONE needed a vacation…a sleep vacation! Even during siesta time, we come in to nap and only Joey manages to actually sleep. Oh well, the early morning hours are a good time for me to recap what we did the day before.

Today (well…yesterday, ha ha) we woke up and went out into the streets again in search of some coffee. It was a sunny but very brisk and cool morning. And yet…people are still out on the shore walking their dogs, swimming in the freezing cold water and jogging up and down the sand. Not me, too, too cold! We stop in one little café and Joey orders two coffees. Ooops, guess you gotta order “coffee with milk” or else you only get espresso! So back he goes to get me my cappuccino and he drinks the two espressos….yikes! We then go back to our little farmers market to get some breakfast, having eyed some egg type dish…kinda quiche looking I guess. It was actually some egg and potato thing. We also bought a very large tomato, and some sort of “ham salad”, which was super thin sliced ham mixed with a few slivers of onions and a couple of olives thrown in. IDK, it just looked like some decent protein to me. It WAS, and very light and tasty too! We also bought some more olives to snack on. THAT was breakfast, ha.

We came back to the room, showered up, and decided today we would walk west on the boardwalk. As long as we were in the sun it was very pleasant, but as soon as you hit a shaddy spot…brrrr. This whole northern region is known for having cooler weather so while it was somewhat expected, I didn’t really bring enough cool weather clothes. Luckily I did bring one jacket!

As we ventured over to this other part of town, it was obvious that more locals probably live over in that area. We started to notice more regular type shops…pharmacies, appliance stores, kitchen gadgets, etc., just things normal people would need. But still…they were mostly all small business owner type shops. We stopped into an ice cream shop and I got the mango frozen yogurt and Joey had dark chocolate…a little over a dollar each. Wow, such intense flavors! Not the watered down, heavy sugary tasting ice cream like we have at home. Why can’t we do gelato cheap like they do here? Why must we pay $4-5 dollars at a mall kiosk for a tiny little scoop of this “specialty” stuff back at home? Pssh. We stopped in another little local market and got Joey some more of the white apricots he likes, and I got a couple of very large loquats. Anyway, after touring around, on foot, we walked back to our hotel in time for siesta and once again, I lay there “resting” while Joey was out like a light!

We then sat here looking out over the ocean for quite some time, sipping on wine, eating chocolates and fruit before finally deciding to go to dinner. We hesitated because the clouds were really coming in and it looked mighty cold out there. But once we were on our way out the door, we realized it wasn’t too bad. There wasn’t much wind and the fish market restaurant that we had wanted to try wasn’t too far away. We were seated outside over looking the marina where some older men were fishing out in front of us. It’s funny, there’s no railings along the marina walkway. My knees go week just getting close to the edge :/ But suddenly as we were sitting there waiting for our food to arrive, we realized one of the men caught a fish so people gathered around to see what he pulled up. It was an octopus!! And the guy who grabbed it off the hook threw it onto the pavement right at peoples feet. It was pretty funny, everyone scattering quickly. Oh man, it was so odd to see this thing squirm around on the ground. You could hear the suction thingies gripping as he attempted to pull it off of the street. Anyway, pretty exciting moment, and I tried to capture some quick video but people kept getting in my way so I have no clue what it shows yet.

Being that it was a bit chilly, and I have been battling a bit of a tummy ache, I really just wanted some soup. Fish soup to be exact. Luckily, they had some and it was heavenly! It was a light bisque style with a couple of mussels in it, a few chunks of nice fish, and a piece of soggy garlicy bread in it. Perfect! Joey gave me his one little mussel because he is a sissy lala ever since he got sick on one in Greece! I also ordered some salmon…yes, just plain ole boring salmon. But the guy next to us had it and it looked good. It was cooked perfectly, and oh so fresh. Seriously, not fishy at all either! Joey ordered “mullet fish”, not having a clue what it was going to be. But anyone who knows Joey, knows he likes his fish served with the head still on it. What he got was two tiny little fishies on his plate. We ordered a half bottle of wine to share, something we wish they served more of in restaurants back home.

It was COLD out in the open on the boardwalk as we walked a bit after dinner. But the sky was amazing! The most beautiful deep blue I have EVER seen, it was absolutely stunning, I hope the pictures do it justice! It was just something about the way the clouds played off the tiny bit of light still filtering through…yet in a dark and ominous sort of way. But there stood the Jesus statue above it all, protecting this little town. Anyway, we walked back to our hotel and called it a night….a good night.



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