Travel Day to San Sebastian, Spain – May 12-13 Saturday/Sunday

Wow, where do I begin? It’s was a long 16 hours getting here, wait…was it 19 hours? IDK, my brain is fried! Yeah, I think it was 19.

Okay, so after a morning of going to Lacy’s graduation, then lunch afterwards, we finally got to LAX around 7pm for our 9pm flight. We checked our luggage this time, which was an odd feeling to be going through the airport with very little in our hands. I was sure I kept leaving things behind. Joey was in need of a charging station so we plugged in and waited out the time until our flight was called. It was a direct flight to Munich on a brand spankin’ new plane. A big one too! We used some flyer miles and they put us on a code share flight with Lufthansa. I’m glad they did! They not only feed you, but you get free drinks too! So we settled in to watch “We Bought a Zoo”, ate some dinner (I even ate the brownie!), had a couple glasses of wine and attempted to get comfy to sleep. No such luck for me, I had an attack of “restless body syndrome”, something I apparently suffer from quite often at bed time. I finally had to cave and take some Ambien and next thing I know I was waking up when breakfast was being served. Gotta love drugs! We finally arrived in Munich rested and ready to go!

We had a two hour wait in Munich but luckily they offer 30 minutes of free wi-fi so Facebook kept us entertained for a while. ALL airports should be so kind! The airport in Munich is pretty nice. It was clean and modern, yet still quaint, and had plenty of shopping too. IDK, it just felt very Munich-y, and Joey even got some decent German beer. But soon we were on our way again for our 3 hour flight to Bilbao, Spain. We flew Lufthansa again so this time I opted for some champagne to celebrate our little va-cay. I ate some glutenous Thai noodle-y salad-like dish that left me feeling yucky. No more gluten globs for me! We finally arrived in Bilbao around 10pm, and thankfully our checked luggage made it all the way through! Whew! Our plan was to take a bus to San Sebastian but it wasn’t scheduled to leave for another 45 minutes so we had a cup of coffee at a café in the rather small airport (not Exuma small…) and soon we were on our way. The bus ride….well, lets just say there are a lot of curvy roads on the way to San Sebastian and it made me a little queasy :/ But we made it to the bus station safe and sound, grabbed a cab to our hotel and checked in sometime after midnight. The hotel is a nice historic boutique style hotel right on the boardwalk that goes around the bay. We couldn’t see much because it was dark, but all the pretty lights made for a pretty view outside our balcony. We were hungry, and everything was closed so we had to hit the mini-bar. Joey wasn’t pleased, what with the high prices of that stuff and all, but it didn’t stop him from cracking open a beer…to “celebrate” our safe arrival of course 😉 We eventually decided to hit they hay early (if you call 1pm early), so we would be well rested for our days ahead.

Stay tuned…



3 thoughts on “Travel Day to San Sebastian, Spain – May 12-13 Saturday/Sunday

    • Oh man, it’s a mess by now, ha! It’s nice, small, but very clean with nice linens, towels, robes, etc. Nice marble bathroom with a bidet. Great shower, etc. There’s a bay window where the balcony overlooks the beach. I’ll try to remember to take a picture after the maids been here 😉

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