2012 V-Day at Marine Room

Well….we finally made it down to the Marine Room inLa Jolla where my daughter Chef Lacy Jo is interning as part of her final requirement for her culinary program at Le Cordon Bleu. Ten of us met up for a fabulous dinner. It was a two hour but enjoyable ride, with only a bit of drizzle on our newly washed car, but we made it right on time for our 6pm reservation. I arrived just a bit early to put out the Valentine “party favors” I brought for my friends. I have been practicing my truffle making skills for a few weeks in anticipation of bringing these little goodies for them to take home. It was just a small thank you for their support of our daughter and willingness to spend the evening (and their money) with us celebrating not only Valentine’s Day, but Lacy’s accomplishments. We are so very proud of her!

In no time we were seated, drinks were ordered, and menus were being scoured for what appetizers and entrees to order. We had a number of our ladies order the salmon, but overall we had a good selection of items to take “food porn pics” as I like to call it. Of course, I was the ONLY one to order myself a full bottle of wine, ha ha. And trust me, I enjoyed every last little drop. Well, I think Claudia stole a bit, and Joey might have had a glass too, so I came home with my self-respect intact.

Lacy had told me it was one of their busiest nights since she’s been there so no doubt everyone in the kitchen was cooking like maniacs, but she was able to sneak out and come visit with us for a few minutes where we forced her to snap a picture with us. I think she was thrilled to see familiar faces. It’s not easy for her being away from home, she misses her Mommie…well and probably her Daddy too. Heck, I think she even misses her brothers!

After oohing and aahing over our appetizers and entrees, and scraping our plates clean, Lacy came back out with our waiter (he said they all LOVE Lacy!), and presented a cute little desert plate for me, along with a couple of candles, to celebrate my birthday…which was still two days away. I hadn’t told any of our dinner guests that it was my birthday because I really wanted it to be about them and their sweetheart, but since Lacy wouldn’t be home for my birthday, she no doubt wanted to so something special for me. And she did…she and our very nice waiter sang happy birthday to me and brought me a “home made” burned CD :).  My sister-in-law Pattie also brought me a beautiful gift which I loved! Lacy had some of the other chefs create a dessert platter for our entire group to share. It was beautiful, and a nice little way to taste all the desserts they offer. I’m pretty sure that platter went around the table a few times, everyone trying a bit of this, a bit of that, while finishing the night off with good conversation and coffee.

If you’ve never been to the Marine Room, you really should load up your wallet with plenty of dinero and head on down there for a special occasion dinner. It’s right on the beach, literally! All the tables have an amazing view of the crashing waves right outside the large picture windows. When we first arrived the tide was out a bit, allowing for a stroll along the shore. Although we didn’t of course because I had new shiny gold shoes that I wasn’t about to destroy. But by the time we left some few hours later, the water was literally lapping up at the outside walls of the restaurant! I can only imagine what it would be like to be there during a storm!

Anyway, a big thank you to my friends the Rizzi’s, Garcia’s, Ferguson’s and the Stoughton’s for sharing this special night with us!


One thought on “2012 V-Day at Marine Room

  1. It was a special night indeed. Boy, what a way to feel like a grown up getting all fancied up and going to an EXTRA nice place for dinner. You looked sooooooo stunning in your red dress….just beautiful. It was great for us to see your girl too. She has come a long way and I’m really proud of her as well. I just can’t ever get enough of her Quiche and Tell blog.

    Thank you for including us and for the very beautifully packaged truffles. That was really a special little treat.

    Love you Marilyn!



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