Florida’s “Emerald Coast” – Day 6, Tuesday

“Blue skies…smiling at me….nothing but blue skies…do I see…”  Woke up to a beautiful sky shining in my bedroom window today. The master bedroom is on the 3rd floor and there’s a large window overlooking the beach, it was such a welcomed site to see this morning! The waves have calmed down and the sun was pouring in! I woke up pain free and I came downstairs to find Joey hard at work already. I guess we were out of coffee so he went across the street to get some for us from Circle K.  I knew that place would come in handy on more than one occasion! The other night they even had a lemon for our fish. We also had key lime pie for breakfast! Mmm. So today I spent most of the day just relaxing on the beach reading my book.  Joey came in and out now and then between work calls. People were all about hunting seashells, and this one man found TWO starfish that just washed ashore! Around3:30 Joey was done with work and he came out, bringing me a glass of wine….just about the time I was gonna go get some myself! Nice. So we walked the beach a bit, went in the water, but eventually it was time to get out and get dressed and go find an appetizer. Good thing too because I was fried! We went to Buster’s Oyster Grill just up the road from us where they advertised a dozen oysters for $1.99.  Yep, gotta love a bargain! Joey ordered TWO dozen and I ordered a half dozen of oysters Rockefeller, because I prefer mine cooked!  Everyone seemed to have multiple trays of oysters at their tables, guess it’s a hot spot for bargain prices…only between5pm and6pm.  Afterwards, we stopped at the Winn Dixie (are you still reading it with a southern drawl??) and we got one big fatty rib eye steak to grill back at home.  We also picked up a little pack of tea-light candles…Mango Pineapple. When we got home there was a beautiful sunset and everyone was out sitting at the shore watching the sun go down. Joey said it reminded him of the sunset inGreece.  IDK, I love this place and all but it’s notGreece! Anyway, we grilled our dinner out on the deck and ate outside too. The weather was perfect all day, not even humid! We shared the steak it and it was still too much for me, and we also grilled up some asparagus, had a little basmati rice and a little garlic butter to put over all of it. Bummer though, forgot to pack the herbs but we made do. We pulled out all the little stem-less wine glasses and used them for candle holders. By the time we were done eating it was dark and we could even see stars in the sky. After having so many overcast nights it was a welcomed site. The moon was right over us and it really made the ocean look beautiful, like a painting really the way it glistened over the swells. After dinner we took our glasses of wine and ourAdirondack chairs down to the beach and placed our candles all around us. There wasn’t a ton of wind so we could really smell the mango candles. By this time there was no one around so all we heard was the crashing of the small waves against the shore. Slowly our candles were dying out and it was getting a little chilly so we moved back up to our deck for a while before coming in for the night.  Perfect night….all that was missing was…the JACUZZI!


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