Florida’s “Emerald Coast” – Day 5, Monday

Today we got up fairly early so we went to the Waffle House for breakfast. There seems to be one every few miles. They are pretty small, maybe 6 booths and maybe 20 seats at the counter. I ordered some grits and eggs and a waffle and Joey ordered the biscuits and gravy and a waffle. I guess he was carb loading, lol. We went back home and decided to take a long drive going east today, going pastPanama City.  The weather was good on the drive, with the sun peeking out between the overcast skies. We came upon “MexicoBeach” and walked down the long pier.  It was soooo windy though, nearly blew me away! The waves were really crashing, even spraying up over the end of the pier. Driving out this way really got us away from the upscale touristy beach area where we’re staying. It just made me think we were in “anytown USA”…nothing really special about most of it. There were lots and lots of tall pine trees, but the kind where the trunks are pretty bare with all the green at the very tops. They’re really quite pretty all grouped together by the hundreds. I however had heartburn!  Must have been from the (coffee, eggs, bacon…I should have known better). Bad! Painful! Felt like it was trapped under my upper rib area. We pulled over into a mini market gas station to get some tums (useless) and there was a small inlet of water where some boats were docked. Looked like a great little place to go fishing. There was even a little oyster bar called….Joey’s Oyster Bar! We walked around a bit, took some pics and then got back on the road.

Most of the trip was dry, (still had the heartburn), but just as we approached this big tall roller coaster looking bridge the rain suddenly started pummeling us.  We were probably a block or two from the bridge and we both looked at each other and say “uh..no!”  There was no way we were gonna cross that bridge with such limited visibility out our windshield! So Joey pulls over and turns around, lol. We drove back home (with my heartburn), it was a pretty uneventful day. We just relaxed and enjoyed the view of the ocean from our living room window. We had planned on getting something to make for dinner since we had decided to stay in for the night.  Did I mention I had heartburn? Yep, still had it, didn’t want to eat ANYTHING! Finally had Joey run to the market and get me something stronger than tums. He also picked up a roasted chicken, thinking it would be milder on my stomach. Well, he enjoyed it, ha.  And he enjoyed his piece of key lime pie too! I sat here in agony. The pills weren’t working! So I thought what the heck, NOT eating isn’t helping, I may as well eat.  So I too had some chicken and key lime pie, lol.  We eventually went to bed praying that I would be pain free by morning.


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