Florida’s “Emerald Coast” – Day 4, Sunday

Awoke a number of times throughout the night and could hear the wind and rain still coming down. Woke up and it’s STILL coming down, although not quite as heavily. This “tropical storm Lee” is pretty much like any rainy storm in California during the winter (although not as cold), but I’m sure we’re probably not getting the worst of it here in Destin. I think we’re just on the outer edges of it all. We ate our yogurt and granola for breakfast (courtesy of Hampton Inn) and watched the people out on the beach from our windows. It’s funny to see the people who think they are taking a leisurely walk when the rains suddenly come pouring down.  They go running like crazy! They may as well not bother, they are drenched within seconds. The oceans are still churning, but very pretty to watch from the comfort of our air-conditioned house, lol. With the overcast skies you’d think it was chilly outside but as soon as we open our slider, it lets in a very warm breeze.

The rains seemed to stop so we finally got dressed and decided to go out but not before trying out the mango we got the other day…YUM! Perfectly ripe! We then drove over to Pampano Joes just down the road but it was so crowded (has been crowded constantly!), so we drove over to the bay side, over to the Sandestin Resort Baytown Warf. It’s a cute little village area with shops, restaurants and some kids adventure activities. We stopped in to get a frozen drink at Fat Tuesday’s Daiquiri Bar. Tried the Hurricane but opted for the mango one, yummy. They even let you take it to go! We walked down to the end of the boardwalk where kids were feeding the fish, and ooo’d and ahhh’d at the nice big boats in the harbor. Seems we got a little reprieve from the rain just for our outing because it didn’t rain at all for hours, and the sun even peeked its head out for awhile! All the while there is a perfect breeze keeping it from feeling too humid. We passed by the Acme Oyster House but decided to skip it since we’ve already been to the original inNew Orleans. We came to an open air restaurant called Hammer Heads and saw a sign for “Steamed Bucket of Seafood” so we stopped in. After ordering a glass of Pinot Grigio for me and a beer for Joey, we ordered the bucket for one. Can’t imagine who could eat this whole thing by themselves! It had about 10 crab legs, one 1 lb lobster tail, about 2 dozen shrimp, as well as corn on the cob and potatoes. It was perfect for the two of us. So we slurped and sucked out every little morsel we could, loving every minute of it. After we finished eating we walked around the area a little longer before getting back out on the road, determined to go find the place where we saw the sign “Fresh Key Lime Pie” just the day before. First we found a wine shop similar to BevMo so we got a couple of bottles to take back to the house.  We finally found the pie shop, The Donut Hole, and it seems it’s a popular place since there was a line of people waiting to buy pie! So we came home with our pie, caught up on some Big Brother online and had some pie.  Oh my, this is the BEST key lime pie I have ever had. Nice and tart, not too sweet, and the smoothest creamy texture! PS, it’s still not raining! Yeah!


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