Florida’s “Emerald Coast” – Day 3, Saturday

Today we woke up to daylight pouring into our room bright and early.  I have no idea what time it was because the alarm clock next to me was flashing on and off.  I guess Joey unplugged it to charge something. But the sun was peering through the thick ocean haze causing everything to look strangely orange.  It was pretty, but I turned over and went back to sleep, convinced the sun had just come up and therefore that meant it was waaay to early to get up.  We finally did get up somewhere around 9am! By this time it wasn’t really sunny, but not raining so it was looking good.  However, by the time we sat down and had our coffee out of the way, Joey suggested we take a walk along the beach down to the Whales Tale. It’s about two blocks from our house on the beach. In the five minutes it took me to find a hat and put some clothes on it was pouring down rain, hard rain and wind!  We decided it was best if we just drove up the street in the car. We braved the storm getting inside but once in we saw it was where many people where hanging out avoiding the rain. We ordered a bloody mary and shared a basket of onions rings, popcorn shrimp and fish.  It was a tasty little lunch. By the time we left the rains had stopped (as they often do within minutes), and we took a drive down further into Destin.  Off and on it continued to rain, often times not being able to see through the wind shield very well! We found there were many seafood markets down in this area so we picked one that seemed to have a lot of people in it. (This is key, if it’s empty, it’s probably yucky.  That’s our theory and we’re sticking to it!) This time we bought some grouper for dinner tonight. (Claudia and Susie…this is the fish we had in Exuma!). As we walked out there was a tent set up where they were cooking up a seafood boil that you could also get to go. The server asked us if we wanted to sample a “rock shrimp”, so we did. Twist the head off, crack the tail and peel off the shell.  It’s kinda like a tiny lobster.  I commented to Joey as we left that mine seemed to have a lot of sand it it.  Ooops, I think in my rush to try it I forgot to pull out its sandy poop! Yuck! I was chewing on grainy sand for an hour!

We then came home and the rains seemed to have stopped for awhile, although it’s still very windy.  We took a long walk down the beach (KILLING my sciatica!) towards Pompano Joes.  Hmmm, looks like they have a big seafood boil on Sunday’s with live music, might have to check that out tomorrow! At one point I stepped on something odd…kinda squishy.  I thought it was nothing but I looked back and it was a dead jelly fish! Luckily I didn’t get stung….maybe these ones don’t sting?  I started to notice them everywhere; well it seemed that way to me, I guess there were only a few. There were also these clear looking rocks, but when poked with a stick (of course I did!) they were more like clear gummy bears!  Freaky! So now I had to watch everywhere I stepped because I was a little freaked out after stepping on that slime bucket!  Eww.  There were two weddings on the beach between our house and Pompano Joes…some rough winds for a wedding! Hmm, what we will do for love huh?  We saw one bride with her beautiful dress blowing in the wind.

We ended the evening by watching Horders on TV, lol.  Joey, who rarely watches much TV was fascinated! We cooked our grouper, (amazing fish!) some asparagus and a little rice and just kicked back relaxing for the rest of the evening.  We managed to get down the rest of the chocolate cake too! We went to bed to the howling sounds of the wind outside our bedroom window.  The glass was really rattling! Kinda scary with the ocean right outside our window, but we quickly fell asleep. It’s amazing how much sleep Joey is getting, he never sleeps this much!


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