Florida’s “Emerald Coast” – Day 2, Friday

After filling up on breakfast at the Hampton Inn (taking some goodies along with us) we hit the road towards Destin.  We drove back through all the little beach towns, stopping here or there.  First we came upon a produce stand…Georgiapeaches, vine-ripe tomatoes and hugeFloridaavocados.  I remembered the avocados from living here as a kid, and how they aren’t AS good as a Haas…but is there ever a BAD avocado? We got some of each to bring to the house with us.

We stopped in one little town calledSeasideand found a cute little market where Joey bought a t-shirt with a farmer’s truck on the back, very fitting for him. They also had a huge exploding banana cream pie but we bought a huge piece of chocolate cake to have for dessert later at night (it will likely last two nights!).  We also bought two nice cold mimosa’s that we were able to take ‘to-go’ which was nice. We strolled around the nice grounds of the town where they have all these little art markets around. They even had a cute little dog watering hole…oh how I wished I had my Isabella here with me! We decided to have lunch here and we went to the best spot where I had the BEST meal EVER! If anyone knows me, they know I love my grits and this dish was shrimp and grits, topped with green beans and capers…soooo creamy, so tasty with all the little capers. We finished our mimosas and also had a glass of Pinot Grigio (the only white wine I really like, ha ha), but it was hot so I wanted something refreshing. Joey ordered a fish sandwich, sorry, he may have liked it just fine but it didn’t compare to my heaven!

We then hit the road again until we came upon an awesome fish market. It was also a nice restaurant but they had a great little market in front where you can buy buckets of shrimp and many other fish as well.  Shrimp is everywhere! Did I mention I love shrimp? The only thing better is crab and lobster in my book. We bought some sushi tuna to take home for dinner later, and some wasabi. After they packed it on ice for us, we were on our way again.

We finally make it to our beach house and wow, the view is amazing.  The place sleeps 10, has 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, as well as a futon on the bottom floor and a pull out sofa in the living room. There’s also a stove on the bottom floor, and a bbq outside on lower deck.  Also, there is a washer/dryer on two of the floors.  The middle level has the main living room/dining room and kitchen, and another balcony deck outside with a table and chairs. We knew this place was gonna be more than we need but we got a great deal so we took it. It sure made us wish our kids and/or friends were here to share it with us though! The décor is adequate, not luxury, definitely beach house-ish, but it is clean and the beds are comfy. The best part is the beach is right out your back door. And Joey really likes that there’s a Circle-K right across the street so he can run over to grab a beer whenever he wants!

So as soon as we get here we put on our suits and head out to the beach. The sand is so soft, when it’s a little wet it reminds me of pie dough, when you mix the butter in with the sugar and flour, lol. And the water…nice and warm.  It’s not calm right now due to the storm front coming in, and at one point we had a little light drizzle of rain but it comes and goes in 2-3 minutes. It doesn’t seem to stop anyone from getting in the water!

So after we spent some time at the beach we went to the Winn Dixie to get a little bit of food. Lots of people going to the Winn Dixie!  And you have to say that with a southern drawl….  Anyway, we came home, made some rice and sliced our tomato and our tuna and had a nice dinner out on our deck.  We sat out there for quite some time, enjoying the nice warm ocean breezes. People were down on the sand with their flashlights out taking walks, it was all very serene.  If only Joey had remembered his head lamp we might have ventured out for a little skinny dipping ourselves…but I guess not this time. It was a perfect night, the only thing missing was….the Jacuzzi!!



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