Italy – Day 10, Saturday

It’s our last morning and it was time to pack up and say goodbye to our darling Vittorio. Breathing in the last few moments in our little Toscano town, taking some photos so we’d never forget, we loaded up our tiny car and hopped on the road to Orvieto. We drove through all the beautiful scenic roads, passing vineyard after vineyard. It doesn’t take too much to make two girls wearing new straw hats happy.

We arrived in Orvieto and luckily our rental car return was right across the street from the train station. We dropped off the car, crossed the street with our luggage toting behind us (balancing this, grasping that) and found ourselves completely confused as we entered the train station. It was hard to find any information in English and we just stood there for a while, trying to figure things out. With trains going in both directions, and us having no clue which way was which, we didn’t even know which side of the tracks to stand on. Finally we figured it out so we found a spot to sit and wait for our train to arrive.  We hopped on and entered a car with a lady who was traveling with her dog. Of course we both loved her up, in spite of it being a terribly stinky little thing!

We finally arrived in Rome in the early evening. We only had one night here (I had been before), so we were going to make the most of it. We checked into our hotel and quickly headed to the Trevi Fountain. We made our wishes, tossed our coins in amongst the crowds, determined to come back by here when it was dark to see it all lit up. We strolled the streets checking out the architecture, shops, various sights and finally ended up sitting down to a fabulous pizza dinner in a beautiful square near one of the famous sights. It was all lit up and provided a stunning view by which to have our dinner. This is where we finally asked our waiter what “rocket salad” was, as we had seen it on menus all over. He says, “Oh, that’s what we call Arugula, but we put it on the menu that way for you Americans.”  I say, “Umm, we called it Arugula too.”  Then he kindly corrects himself and says, “Well, maybe it’s for the Britt’s then.”  “Ahh yes, that makes sense, ha.”

Anyway, we make it back to the Trevi Fountain and it is as beautiful as always, a great last memory before heading back to our hotel with plans for a good nights sleep before our early morning flight.


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