Italy – Day 8, Saturday

Today we woke up to a pretty windy day. The winds were howling through the old building making lots of noise. The trees and lavender bushes outside were blowing all around. We were expecting to take our cooking class but after showering and getting all ready for it, we found out (through Debbie’s ever growing Italian), and after many phone calls back and forth with Vittorio (the owner of the farm) and Franco (our tour guide) that the cook (Vittorio’s sister) wasn’t in town, she was off having fun somewhere else. Okaaaaaaaaaay, now what? Well, as anyone who has spent an hour getting their hair and make up all on, we head off to the Roman baths to ruin it all. Oh well, when inRome….or close by. So we ate a quick breakfast of ricotta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, crackers, olive oil, and cappuccino. Isn’t that what everyone has? Well it was almost11amso it was sorta like lunch too. That meant we got to have vino! Only one glass because we then loaded up our stuff and got in Blue Bella, along with my laptop with directions on a word doc and we managed to find our way through the windy roads and hills of Toscana to the old Roman baths in Saturina. This was no small feat either as it was about an hour and a half drive. But with Ms. Andretti at the wheel there was no stopping us. We got to the baths to find lots and lots of people but managed to find parking at this off the beaten track location. It wasn’t too bad though, the baths were huge and there was room for everyone. We walked down the dirt road to find this beautiful waterfall pouring warm into these terraced pools of water, like lots of large Jacuzzis. We put our bags, towels and flip flops down to the side in a little spot amongst the dirt and rocks and proceeded to strip down to our swim suits. Debbie was not happy about this part. I pointed out lots of lots of people who looked way worse than us and assured her she looked darling in her new bikini. What the heck, off goes the sundresses and we run for the water. Okay, not so much running, lots of stone and gravel on that few feet to the water. So we tip toe as lady like and sexy as we can manage and we make it into the shallow pool of water. We climb a little higher to get into a deeper pool and settle in, hoping not to ruin our hairstyle. We didn’t have too much luck as the water was flowing down over the pools and there was a bit of spray all around. Oh well, not like we had any big night on the town planned….after all, we were here for a rest. We stayed for awhile, just trying to let the tired muscles unwind. We finally decided to get out and head back home, but not until we took a few pictures of each other. Debbie got out to brave the chill while she took some of me, then she got back in so I could get out and take some of her. In no time we were back on the road to our farm house. It was a lot easier getting back since we knew the way this time. We got home and shared a bottle of wine with Vittorio, the owner of the farmhouse. He was such a great host! He wanted to try to help us with our cooking class arrangements since we missed out today so he offered to have his chef at his restaurant teach us the next day. We made arrangements to do this the next day at10am. Since it was around dinner time, I cooked us a Chicken Pesto Pasta dinner with a salad and what else………more vino! We kicked back after dinner and watched a little Italian television. Debbie really enjoyed the old movies in Italiano and seemed to be able to figure out what was going on even without understanding a thing that was said. We’d flip to CNN now and then to see what was happening in the world. Seems like more of the same…”Obama is like a God”….uh huh. Europeans really seem to thinks he’s pretty wonderful :/ We eventually turned in for the night looking forward to another great day in Toscana.


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