Italy – Day 7, Friday

We woke up to find out that our tour guide would be here in an hour! Well too bad, we only just found out so we took the normal amount of time to get ready and let him wait. After all, we talked to him on Facebook last night and asked him what time he would be here and he said “hang-on” (he had a phone call) and finally at 11pm we gave up on him and went to bed. We were finally on our way, rushing all the way through twists and turns and Debbie, being in the back seat wasn’t taking it so well. However, our tour guide was concerned about making his scheduled first stop so he raced on disregarding the green in Debbie’s face. Our first stop was outside on Sienna (can’t recall the town) at a winery called Die Vole which means God Wants. It was stunning, it had amazing views. We started with a tasting at the counter paired with bread and their own olive oil. Then we walked into an old cave all lit up by candles with a big giant table in the middle, old ancient wine barrels all around. We continued our tasting and tour given by Elena who was a real sweetheart. She knows her history and wines very well. The second tasting paired it with prosciutto. It was one of the best we have ever had! Following that, in another room we had two tastings in the room with all of the big giant oak vats and the lab. There were rows and rows of barrels of wine where they complete the aging process. One of these wines was paired with the best aged pecorino cheese ever! Elena was extremely knowledgeable of the wine and it’s fermenting process that the words just flowed out of her mouth. We are so happy that our guide set this up for us. We then moved on to a small chapel were we had another tasting, but no food … we weren’t allowed to eat in church I guess drinking is okay :/ I made sure to say a prayer for a safe drive home, after all it wasn’t a fun drive getting this far unfortunately. We then moved on to our final tasting where all of the wines were displayed along with displays of the various soils that each type of grape is grown in. The wine was paired with the most wonderful chocolate that was set before us in this huge bowl. Oh…what a temptation! We only pocketed about 6 for future and I will be hiding them from Debbie. It was interesting to see how food really changes the taste of the wine. One of them I didn’t even like until we ate it with food and then it was fabuuuuloso! We first really noticed it when we had the tasting with the cheese. We also got to taste their grappa….yuk! After the final tasting and placing our order of cases to take home with us (and made arrangements to have extra empty luggage bags delivered to our room) we had lunch in the private garden room. At least there were only us three seated at the tables, so it appeared private. We ordered one of their bottles of wine and were also given some bread and didn’t even have to ask for the olive oil and salt and pepper that came with it. Finally, some Italiano’s that know how to eat bread! We started with a caprice salad with the best syrupy balsamic vinegar and the freshest mozzarella – it was really soft and moist, and the tomatoes were divine. I ordered some big fat wormy pasta noodles with wild boar meat and Debbie had big fat flat noodles with pesto sauce. Debbie’s was the best. We both ate every single bite of course. For dessert we were brought a traditional Tuscan cake, which was kind of a mix of cake and crème brulee. We were also brought a dish of vanilla ice cream with hot espresso poured over it. That was wonderful!!

Soon we were back on the road, stopping at a ceramic shop for a bit. Too expensive, off we go! Then we went to see a castle but it was closed. Debbie was extremely disappointed. (Me…I have seen enough castles inGermany to last me a life time.) We then went on to another winery and did a bit more tasting. We got a whiff of the grappa as we walked in and almost turned around to leave. Grappa, nasty! We bought one wine that we particularly liked and brought it home to drink later. We drove around the countryside some more, stopping to take pictures along the way. After that, we went to visit the town ofSienna and it was very interesting. We walked along the streets admiring all the wonderful old buildings and shops. Our tour guide explained some of the history of the village as we walked and stopped for a gelato. Finally we were back on our way home. We got home around10pm, exhausted and worn out from such a long day.


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