Italy – Day 6, Thursday

Awoke…at4am…to the sound of Debbie clinking dishes and silverware, obviously rummaging through our “closet” kitchen. ACTUALLY, its more of a kitchen in an armoire. I tried to ignore the racket for as long as I could, desperately in need of more sleep. But when she finally started opening squeaky shutters and singing out the window I reluctantly got outta bed to find that she had set the breakfast table and even had our bottle of wine placed center spot on the table. Ummm, okay it’s a little too early for vino! Next thing I know Debbie is going back to bed and I’m like – “heck NO you’re not going back to bed after waking me up!” I made her come sit out and listen to the birdies with me. There were so many birds chirping there was no way we were gonna get back to sleep. She tried to say that my snoring woke her up, but everyone knows that I never snore unless I’ve been drinking :/ We decided we wouldn’t do our hair or makeup today so that means pictures will be minimal, lol. We needed one day of “real” vacation. We quickly dressed and hopped in Blue Bella and Ms. Andretti burned rubber out onto the country roads. We found our way to the small town to look for a market. Instead, we found ourselves on an old dirt road that surrounds the hill town, a very narrow road way up high on the hill. Ms. Andretti (as she now insists on being called) had no hesitation to drive along the edge of the cliff because after all, it wasn’t on her side. I on the other hand gripped on for dear life. When we finally found the market in town, I proceeded to get out and barf. Okay, well you know I never really barf, but I wanted to. She insisted this is what Blue Bella was made for. Maybe if it wasn’t a stick shift, and she wasn’t grinding the gears all the way, I wouldn’t have minded so much. Not really, she’s an excellent driver (she insisted I add that too). We should all be grateful she never drinks and drives. Unfortunately that means we’re gonna be walking a lot. We walked into the market and grabbed a plastic glove. Apparently you cannot touch the produce here without them on and we had every intention of touching lots of stuff. We bought lots of goodies so we could make snacks and even a few dinners back at our house. We were loaded down with enough to last a couple of weeks regardless of the fact we will only be here about five days. I’m sure Debbie will wrap every little tiny morsel that is left and attempt to smuggle it on the plane and through customs. We then bring our goodies home and after putting them away, Debbie made us some lunch that we enjoyed out on our veranda. Again, the birds were not only singing, but this time they were diving in and around the sky, at times appearing to dive bomb us. Debbie was sure they were flirting with her and showing off for her. (This trip has done wonders for her ego.) We finally took a walk over to the pool where we lounged in the sun for awhile. We both fell asleep! It was sunny but there was a nice breeze. It was awesome though, a much needed rest since we had been up since4am. We came back to our house and I cleaned up and did the dishes while Debbie again fell asleep, she wasn’t feeling too well. Eventually I started dinner around9pm, cooking up some spaghetti with Italian sausage and a salad. I woke Debbie up and she went over to the restaurant and bought us a bottle of vino. We ate our nice cheap meal and then typed this. Ta da!! We are watching American movies dubbed in Italiano and contemplating playing Go Fish. Maybe not.

BTW, I finally figured out how to include pics and video in one video so there’s only now 🙂


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