Italy – Day 5, Wednesday

We woke up early, got showered and packed up before breakfast. We went out to the dining area and chatted with some of our new guests. Ricarrrrrdo doted on all of us, keeping a good eye on Debbie the whole time, personally serving her coffee while the rest of us peasants got up to get our own. I went in to finish drying my hair while Ricarrrrdo took Debbie to his private residence to show Debbie his “etchings.” She later told me that Casanova #3 again asked for a kiss goodbye and she politely declined. While agreeing to a hug goodbye he made the swift move to take his kiss and attempted to slip her the tongue. She stuck to me like glue until we got outta there. But seriously he was a really nice guy and gracious host and can anyone really blame him with her hotness. He truly was taken with her. He carried our luggage down the four flights of stairs and we were on our way saying goodbye to Venezia.

Found our car rental agency and Blue Bella rolled up (think Herbie). We navigated our way out of Venezia and onto the autostraude. We arrived in Bologna and stopped for snacks. We bought what else – Bologna! We ate our big giant Bologna and crostini’s while on the road. Debbie was getting real comfortable with the Italiano driving and at times reached speeds of 140. I kept telling her that those weren’t MPH yet she insisted I call her Debbie Andretti (eyes rolling). All this speed gave me heartburn. Okay, maybe it was the Bologna. But I was in desperate need for some antiacids. Debbie finally agreed to stop, but only because we needed gas. We stopped at a market that was on the overpass of the freeway. It was like a store on a bridge, kinda weird. We bellied up to the espresso bar and we were poured a glass of water with fizzy powder and we downed it fast. They promised it would help our heartburn. What the heck it was 50 cents and it worked. Debbie Andretti had us back on the road in no time. We eventually got off the autostrade and we started on some back roads deep into the heart of Toscana. Hills and valleys of vineyards and crops were all around us. I forced Ms. Andretti to slow down and enjoy the scenery. She felt the need for speed but finally the greenery lulled her into a comfortable drive.

We finally arrived safe to our farmhouse. The scent of jasmine wafted in as we got outta Blue Bella. Even Blue Bella was relieved that she arrived in one piece with her passenger seat unsoiled. Immediately we were greeted by a cute little dog named Tito and showered him with hugs and kisses. (We’re missing our doggies.) He led us up to the office where Giovanni gave us the keys to our house. We admired the grounds as we walked towards our house, flowers and trees were all around this rustic old building. The pool lit up in the distance surrounded by more trees. The location is amazing. After climbing two flights of stairs we were thrilled see the stunning views from outside our windows and settled in for the night. We walked across the grounds to the restaurant on sight and ate dinner. More wine and food…more wine than food. We shared a salad and some polenta with mushrooms on top. The mushrooms had a strange soft texture to them. We each ordered the strange soft textured risotto with truffles on top. We began to get a little punchy from the wine and proceeded to crack ourselves up to the point where we couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t breath and almost pee’d my pants. A gentleman at a nearby table who heard us laughing wondered what was up with us. Afterall, it was only him and us in the place. It was incredibly quiet here compared to Venezia – what a contrast. He had the waiter send us a bottle of wine and he then came up to introduce himself. He was a travel agent scout from Sweden and was interested in how we found this place since it wasn’t on the beaten path. Since we had already had two half-liters of wine we took his bottle back to our house for another time. It was a long day on the road and Debbie’s driving escapade really wore her out and with all the crazy driving Ms. Andretti did, she was exhausted and fell asleep immediately. Went to sleep looking forward to our time here in Toscana.


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