Italy – Day 4, Tuesday

So last night we went to bed to the sound of mosquito’s but this morning we woke to the sound of one of our neighbors making magic. I guess she found her Casanova…plenty here. We woke up early and were dressed and ready for breakfast by 9am. I left to get a few things from the room and left Debbie with Ricarrrrrdo. She later told me the he kept telling her how pretty she was and that he really liked her and asked if he could give her a kiss. She said no. He started to walk away, but he turned back and gave her a kiss on the cheek anyway. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it (no picture, no proof). Soon after, we went out to do some shopping, yeah, more. Debbie made her purchases and we then walked to Piazza San Marco where I bought a souvenir for my travel curio. As we approached the square, we saw that there was some kind of ceremony going on. Apparently it is a pretty big holiday here inVenice. There were a number of police officers gathered around for crowd control. Boy oh boy, were they some cute men! Debbie brazenly went up and asked if she could take a picture with them and a couple gathered around her. I started motioning to others to join her, hand picking out all the cute ones. They got quite a kick out of us, but willingly posed with her. (Lacy, you will love these pics, I picked out some hotties specifically for you!) We eventually got our first scoops of gelato…coconut, chocolate, milk??, and pistachio. It was a particularly hot day today so we found some shade to sit and eat our gelato until the “sitting cop” came over and rudely told us we had to move. After dropping off our packages in our room, we decided to stop and get a light bite to eat. Again we ordered the half carafe of vino and Debbie had onion soup and I had mushroom soup. We then headed off to explore the city on foot. Debbie wanted to see the Jewish Ghetto area so we walked and we walked and we walked! Our feet were throbbing, our calves were throbbing, and our backs were throbbing but we marched on and on. We’re still not sure if we ever found the Ghetto, it was all pretty old. Bummer, Debbie had really wanted to find a gift for Denise. Finally we stopped to get a frosty lemony drink while on our way back to our room again. Interestingly there was no “sitting cop” this time and there were lots and lot of people sitting where we had been earlier. We rested for about 30 minutes in our room, watching out for mosquito’s flying around us. Debbie tried to get them with her shoe but wasn’t too lucky. It might have been something about the dog crap on the bottom of her shoe. We soon left to visit Doge’s Palace after I insisted she scrub her hands clean for more walking and walking, and looking and looking. There was no dog crap in Doge’s Palace. It was very beautiful “ACTUALLY”, but Debbie particularly liked it a lot. She was really excited about seeing the prison and torture areas in the palace and took many pictures of the cells. (I think she might have some secret fetish I don’t know about.) If anyone knows anything about me, they know I don’t do museums and art galleries when I travel. I’d much rather be doing something adventurous like people watching while sitting in a café sipping on wine or riding along the water in a boat. But I endured for Debbie (now she owes me). Finally the tour came to an end and it was all we could do to manage all the stairs and bridges on our way back up the four flights of stairs to our room. Serious pain running through our bodies!! We got back to our room around 7:30pm where Debbie proceeded to fall asleep while I uploaded photos. I woke Debbie up so we could go on our gondola ride. We walked out to the canal and spotted a cutie gondolier. Debbie pulled a Denise and haggled with him over the fee, wanting to insure we got a fair amount of time for a fair rate. She kept close eye on the time on her cell phone. because we didn’t want to be scammed on our ride. We walked away a couple of times until he realized he wasn’t messin’ with no newbies. He eventually met our price and we agreed to go with him, after all, he was pretty cute. We boarded the gondola disappointed that we didn’t have a bottle of wine with us, we were unprepared. However, our nice gondolier, Alessssssssandro, asked if we wanted to “pull over” near a market so we could get some. Certainly! So we run in and get a nice bottle along with three glasses so Alesssssssandro can share the bottle with us. We continue on our ride, and “Alesssss” decides to be silly and spook us (aka scaring the shit out of us) and Debbie jumps and spills her red wine all over her hot pink pants….yes, they were hot pink. A tiny drop got on her white top, sucks. Anyway, we continue on, and “Alesss” offers to sing for us. “I loooove spaghetti……and macaroni…..I love salami…..and Rrrrrrrrrrravioli”. It was lovely, very romantical, but he won’t be joining my band any time soon. He showed us where Casanova lived and we were sure it was Alesssss home personally until he mentioned his 2 year old son. Oh well, a couple of middle aged moms can dream, right? Debbie got up and rowed the boat for us for awhile, she was quite the gondolieria. Okay, maybe more like delirious. Eventually our ride came to an end and as “Alessss” stepped out to talk business with a friend, so another gentleman stepped onto our boat and chatted with us a bit. He also shared our bottle of wine. It was plentiful, so we didn’t mind sharing…but we did make sure the glasses were even, lol. We were given the recommendation of a particular restaurant called Santa Marina so off went on a trek to find it. It was supposed to be one of the best. Well after twists and turn we still couldn’t find it. We kept running into the same policia and they kept trying to give us directions. We gave it a good attempt but we were still lost. They told us if we couldn’t find it in five minutes to come back. Well we did, about three times. While on our scouting for the restaurant, we did happen upon a nice maitre’d who offered us a free glass of proseco so we sat and chatted with him for a few minutes. He only had five minutes so it was an easy free drink. Finally the policia offered to walk us to Santa Marina restaurant. We felt like criminals having a policia escort. Well as luck has it, the restaurant was closed!! Luckily, on our way back to our room, we came upon a place that was still open at 10:30pmthat was still offering pizza and vino! Woo Hoo, happy girls. After our late dinner, we proceeded back to our room, singing all the way. “Ass hol a mia, oh sa da meee”. Just as we were on the decline for a huge set of stairs a lone Italiano heard us singing and abruptly turned to walk toward us, no doubt looking to take advantage of a couple of Americaaaaaaaaaano women. He introduced himself as Carrrrrrrrlo and asked if we wanted him to take a picture of us. Being that we didn’t have too many together we were grateful for the offer. After he took our picture he wanted a picture of himself with Debbie. Okay, another Casanova. He took her into his arms to pose for the shot and was kissing on her cheeks hoping for more no doubt. He was quite cute, but very young. After escaping that encounter we decided to put some distance between us and the admirer so as soon as we turned the corner we hauled ass running all the way home not daring to make eye contact with another Italiano on the prowl. It was a long hard day, but a good day.


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