Italy – Day 3, Monday

Today we slept in and missed breakfast. We didn’t mind too much, we were out until4amthe night before. We really just wanted coffee so we walked a short alley or two to the McDonalds. You would think you would get a nice normal size cup of coffee but you don’t. They use the standard sized cups but they barely fill them halfway! So we bought another and poured them into one cup, showing these crazy Italiano’s how we Americans like our big coffee’s. We went back to our room and showered and eventually headed out to one of the museums that we missed yesterday. Debbie was hungry so we decided to stop for lunch since it was aboutnoon. We walked and walked to find the perfect place. We did, and it had the BEST pizza ever! We ordered a salad, a nice normal salad, a “half” carafe of vino and a small pizza to share. We sat and watched the school kids play and chase the pigeons in the piazza while we ate our lunch. We then walked to one of the museums and had a look around. There were tons and tons of paintings, sculptures, weapons, and other historical artifacts. It was interesting but we were feeling very thirsty and our feet were aching so we left and went to find something to drink. I had a diet coke and Debbie got a bottle of water. We then were debating on gelato or another half carafe of vino….we went with the vino. After a lot of walking around and some more shopping, (Debbie bought her daughter a little surprise), we wandered down various alleyways and peeking into secret gardens. We finally found a place to sit down and rest our tired feeties. Good thing because it was in the dog park and there were lots of adorable doggies to pet and give kisses to. We went on over to another museum but the gentleman at the door spoke very little English so we had the hardest time trying get information out of him. After a much needed rest and people watching, we again began to wonder the alleyways looking for a spot to sit and have a glass of vino again. We settled on a little café with alleyway seating and oh my gosh, did it feel good to sit down again! We ordered….what else… a half carafe of vino along with a selection of cheeses and bread. Debbie really loved the bread. We lingered for quite a while, chatting with another nice couple forAustria. They were eating a delicious looking ravioli and cannelloni so we finally decided to just stay and have our dinner there. We ordered another half carafe of vino…yes another one…and began talking to the couple on the other side of us. They were from theUK. It was quite an interesting conversation of politics and even with my conservative views, it went quite well. They had lived in Philly for two years so they had a better understanding of where we were coming from and had a really good view ofAmerica. We also chatted on about our various travels. They were a lovely couple, the kind you wish lived near you at home. We come home early tonight, about10pm, because we want to get an early start tomorrow. We went to sleep with the buzzing of mosquito’s in the room.


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