Greece – Day 10, Tuesday

Today we woke up and got our bags all packed up, making sure all our ‘liquids’ were packed in our checked bags.  I think we had olive oil, some desert wine, some sun-dried tomatoes, olive spread, and some Ouzo.  Joey ran down on the street and got us some coffee and some cheese pastries.  We left our luggage down in the reception area in their luggage storage and went into town to buy some souvenirs.  We first headed off to the farmers market to get some Greek olives and some more nuts.  Their nuts are really good.  I saw some Greek dog food and really wanted to get Jazzie Rae Beara Giacalone, Sugar and Isabella a souvenir from Greece but Joey was being a mean Uncle Joey and Daddy.  Then we went on a hunt for something for our curio cabinet.  We really wanted a statue of the Acropolis but most of them were replicas of a ‘restored’ Acropolis and Joey really wanted one that showed it as a ruin…as it is now.  We finally settled on something, we got two things actually, and got a magnet for my magnet collection as well.  Joey bought himself a t-shirt and I got some earrings with the Greek key design.  Then we went back to our hotel, picked up our luggage, stuffing olives, nuts, and goodies anywhere we could and left for the Metro to the airport.  It takes about 45 minutes to get to the airport.  Once we arrived at the airport we easily got our boarding passes and found a spot to sit since we were two hours early.  We ordered some drinks at a café, had some gelato and some potato chips that were seasoned with lemon, oregano and pepper.  They were really good actually.  We also broke into the olives that we bought, and some sunflower seeds.  There are lots of smokers in Greece so we had to find a non-smoking area and it was right under the screen that showed the status of the flights.  Perfect.  Before long we saw that our flight was boarding even though it was an hour before it was scheduled to leave.  We figured we’d just sit a while longer anyway and the next thing we knew they posted a ‘final call’.  Sheesh!  We got going even though we still had 40 minutes before our flight would leave and the airport isn’t very big.  In fact our café was just outside our gate and took all of five minutes to get through security.  These clazy Gleeks! (said with my best Greek accent)  So here I sit blogging my trip report on the airplane waiting for all the people to finish boarding.  But oh well, soon we’ll have a night out on the town in London and tomorrow I will see my sweet Isabella and Sugar Bear…..and my kids.




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