Greece – Day 9, Monday

We still seemed to be on island time and had trouble getting an early start.  We finally headed out around10:30.  We walked through streets of shops and vendors selling all sorts of things on our way up to see the Acropolis.  We stopped along the way to share a crepe filled with cheese, tomatoes and sausage for breakfast.  I soon found that it was going to be quite a hike up to the top of the Acropolis….no funicular or tram to get us up there!  Hmmm, should have brought some water with us, it was already getting hot.  We got lucky because today it is free, saving us $18 each!  We trudged our way up lots of marble steps, stopping to view ruins along the way.  Before long we found ourselves at the top taking pictures of all the sights along with hundreds of other tourists.  It was pretty amazing to see, and the view was incredible.  You could see all the way to the ocean.  After awhile we headed back down the hill and had lunch in town.  We found a nice little restaurant that had some Greek musicians playing guitars and singing.  It made for a nice atmosphere.  I ordered the stuffed tomatoes and Joey had another Gyro.  My dish was awesome, two big tomatoes stuffed with rice, as well as some seasoned potatoes.  The cucumber dip was terrific as well.  I was stuffed….I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!

We came back to the room for about an hour to let our tummy’s settle and I eventually convinced Joey to head out again.  This time we took the Metro (which is their subway), and we went to see the guards in front of Parliament.  It was kind of odd to take a picture with a guy who didn’t even take his eyes off of whatever it was he was staring at.  You couldn’t help but giggle, but everyone was doing it.  They also had tons of birds in the square, kind of like in St. Mark’s Square in Venice.  The guards were dressed in the silliest outfits, they looked like toy soldiers.  Besides the short white frilly dresses and silly hats they wore, they had on thick beige tights and their big boots had huge pom-pom balls on the toes of them!  Next we walked through the National Gardens towards the Olympic Stadium.  It had tons and tons of marble seats rising way up high with just a simple running track in the middle….very interesting.  Then we walked some more to go see the Temple of Zeus.  It was interesting to note that his temple was pretty destroyed….so obviously he wasn’t god, lol.  After that we finally headed back to a nearby Metro station and caught a ride home.  Well… I went straight home; Joey went off to a market to get some more Greek beer.  When he got back, we took a quick shower and then went up to the rooftop bar here at our hotel and had drinks while viewing the Acropolis all light up at night.  It was really quite beautiful but I doubt the pictures will do it justice.


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