Greece – Day 8, Sunday

Today we leave this littleislandofNaxosand fly back toAthensto spend a couple of days seeing the historical sights.  Luckily Joey is feeling fine this morning.  We did a last little bit of souvenir shopping before we called a taxi to take us to the airport.  The airport was about the size of my house and the plane had propellers…kinda scary :\   The flight to Athens lasted only about 35 minutes so it wasn’t too bad though.  From the airport we took the metro line into the Plaka area, which took about 45 minutes, but unfortunately we got off one stop too soon for our hotel.  Everything was in Greek so it was tough to find our way!  I can’t tell you how many times one of us said, “I don’t know, it’s all Greek to me!”  We stopped and got a street map and tried feeling our way to our hotel, with luggage in tow.  We saw and heard many more Americans here than we did on the islands.  One nice local man stopped and asked us where we were heading and he pointed us in the right direction telling us exactly what to look for and where our hotel was.  He was very nice,  he had said he’d help us if we would talk to him a bit.  Seems he liked the opportunity to practice his English.  He asked about the presidential election and if we thought Obama would win.  It seems everyone over here wants Obama to win.  He commented on the value of the dollar compared to the Euro, saying how they have noticed the drop in American tourism here because is so much more expensive for Americans now so they never give the cost of things in both currency, only one or the other.  The comparison is too hard to hear.  Anyway, we all had a good laugh and he was on his way and we were very grateful for his help.  We got to our hotel, (which was only a block from the next metro stop!) unloaded our stuff and went upstairs to the rooftop bar and had a drink while viewing the Acropolis off in the distance.  After cleaning up we went out for a walk.  It’s very ‘urban’ here, kind of a mix between New York City and Paris maybe, and lots and lots of colorful graffiti.  We walked past a Turkish fruit, candy, and nut stand, bought some goodies and eventually wandered into an area with some street side dinner cafes.  We stopped for dinner and called it an early night because we knew our next day was planned with lots of sightseeing.


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