Greece – Day 7, Saturday

This morning we called the kids at home.  It’s Friday evening at home and Justin and Michelle were out getting some “Chocolate Lava Cake”.  Michelle always has very specific wants, lol.  Johnny was home with Grandma taking care of the house, the plants, the dogs, and the pool.  It sounds like he’s been quite the little man of the house.  We tried calling Lacy but could only hear the loud radio of whatever car she was in.  I guess she’s off somewhere with her sweetie Gilbert.

Joey took a walk to get our coffee today while I cleaned up and got ready for another day out on the beach.  I will have to put on plenty of sunscreen because I’m a little pink from yesterday.  It’s so nice and breezy out at the beach you don’t even realize how hot the sun really is!  After we had our first cup of coffee we walked a block up to a little café and had breakfast with more coffee.  We got internet access there, yeaaah!  We ordered the yogurt topped with fresh strawberries, honeydew melon, bananas and peaches.  We also got a grilled cheese sandwich with ham on it…what they call toasts with cheese on the menu.  We then came back to our room, got ready to go to the beach and spent most of the day out in the sun.  Well, I tried to stay under the umbrella in the shade as much as possible today.  I finished reading my book though!  We later went to our room and got showered before going to dinner.  We had an Italian dinner, served by a French woman, in Greece…kind funny.  We ordered the fresh steamed mussels and I think they were the best I ever had…so garlicky and full of fresh herbs with bread to soak up all the juice!  Unfortunately Joey must have eaten a bad one though because later that night Joey’s whole dinner came up L.  We also had a pizza with sausage, mozzarella, eggplant, and ricotta cheese.  It was very good, very fresh, and so was the Sangria.  We stopped at a bakery on our way back to our room and bought a piece of chocolate cake to share.  I had only one bite and Joey managed to eat the rest. We had planned to go to the beachside café to watch the soccer game between Greece and Russiabut after Joey’s ‘upheaval’ he didn’t want to go too far from the room. Russia won.


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