Greece – Day 6, Friday

We got up and went walking for some morning coffee.  Our room didn’t have a coffee maker.  But on our way we found some great bakery and pastry shops so we bought our coffee to go, along with some feta cheese pie, which was more like a croissant filled with feta cheese.  It was yummy!  We also came upon a small farmers market where some old guys were selling fruits and veggies.  We bought some fresh green beans for our dinner later and also got some really good apricots and plums.  We sat out on our patio and had our breakfast.  We then went out to the beach to stake our claim on some shore front chairs.  I read my book while Joey read his boring technology magazines.  It was still cool and breezy and it felt so good.  Eventually the sun was high in the sky and we spent most of the day out on the beach ordering drinks and people watching.  The water was nice and clear and was shallow for quite a ways out.  We could walk and walk and it never got past our thighs.  After a while Joey walked up to a stand in town and got us some gelato. Mine was triple chocolate…..chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!  A wind started to pick up and it even sprinkled for about 3 minutes so we decided this was a good time to run to the market to get our food for dinner.  We walked around town for about an hour before coming back to our room.  We went back out to our beach chairs for a while before finally coming in to make dinner.  After a day in the sun we were pretty tuckered out so at some point I fell asleep reading.


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