Greece – Day 3, Tuesday

Again we woke up pretty early and sat out on our veranda having coffee until our breakfast was served.  We planned for this day to be a pretty slow day, with nothing too much pre-planned.  Joey walked up to the bakery and bought some more bread, as well as a variety of flavored breadsticks and cookies.  He also had to get me some more cream for my coffee since they serve milk for our coffee with breakfast.  I don’t like milk in my coffee :/  After a while we took a walk along the main promenade of the village and shopped for some souvenirs and gifts for friends and family, as well as some more fresh fruit.  I got the biggest figs this time, about the size of a tennis ball.

The walk started out pretty cool but the sun was heating things up pretty quickly.  We saw a few tour buses driving in and we noticed the streets got a little more crowded but not too bad. This really is the perfect time to visit the Greek Islands! We took a different route walking back, winding through some back alleys that reminded me of Venice and Joey finally spotted a Gyro stand where they cook the pork like they do for Pastor tacos in Mexico, his favorite.  He has been waiting to find a good Gyro stand so he got one for $3, pretty cheap considering it was filled with lots of meat….and of course another Mythos beer. That was his lunch.  I had some fruit, breadsticks, and veggies back in our cave.

We came back and put on our swimsuits and sat out on our veranda for quite some time today.  I actually had to put sunscreen on because I was starting to get burned and we still have a few more days to go in the sun!  We didn’t head off to the pool this time, instead we kept throwing water from a cup on each other 🙂   I have yet to really crack into my new book I brought, the amazing view is so distracting!  It was pretty hot so we would take short breaks relaxing in our cave.  The cave stays pretty cool actually, even with the doors and windows left open.  We’ve yet to even turn on the A/C.  We also finally went online on our laptop and we were able to get some boating information, ferry schedules, as well as email everyone at home.  It was a pretty slow day and we eventually felt the need for another nap in the late afternoon.  We had plans to go have a fish dinner down at the bottom of the long steps along the shore but we woke up at9pm!  I decided there was no point in eating and I continued to sleep.  Joey said he tried to wake me up but I don’t recall much effort on his part.  He mentioned something about watching a soccer game and just a little bit ago he told me he went into town to watch it on a big screen somewhere.  I’m not so sure he’s telling me the truth but here it is 2am and I am sitting here typing this and he is sound asleep so who knows, lol.  It was a restful day.


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