Greece – Day 2, Monday

We had a really good nights sleep and we woke up pretty early,6:30amI think it was.  Joey ran up to the market at the top of our steps and bought some coffee so we could make it in our room each morning.  Shortly after, the hotel served us breakfast out on our veranda.  The yogurt is so good, very thick and creamy.  It’s nothing like the runny stuff at home.  We also had orange juice, soft boiled eggs, some sweet bread, and the most delicious sesame toped bread with some really creamy butter.  After getting cleaned up we walked up to town to rent a car.  We rented a cute little convertible Smart car….very fun to drive around on the island in.  We drove to the very end of the island where the light house is.  Along the way we found a winery that we decided we would have to come back to later in the day.  We also stopped at a couple of road side stands where the locals were selling sun dried tomatoes, caper leaves, olive oils, homemade wines, and a number of other items as well.  We even stopped at the one that HGTV’s Giada deLaurentes did a segment at.  The woman running the stand noticed that we were Americans so she pulled out her little scrap of paper that Giada had written her name on to see if we knew who she was.  Little did she know Giada is one of my favorite chefs and that we had see the show where she visited Greece!  She then took us around back to show us where she dries the tomatoes out on mesh racks in the sun just like she showed Giada for the TV show.  You could tell she was very proud that Giada picked her to be on TV.  Then we headed off to Red Rock beach for a while.  It was quite a hike down to the water so we just stayed at the top and took some nice pictures of it.  After that we found our way to one of the beaches on the eastern side of the island.  The sand was black and very hot, but there were lots and lots of restaurants and bars all along the beach.  We stopped and had lunch, tried the local “tomato balls”, and then went out to the beach and took another nap in the sun. We had very comfortable cushioned lounge chairs under an umbrella so sleeping came pretty easy, especially for Joey.  We eventually left and drove back up to the winery to watch the sunset.  We ordered a tasting tray that included some bread and cheese and it came with 16 different tasters!  Not surprisingly, my favorite was the very last one.  It was a very sweet wine where the grapes are aged out in the sun, very much like a sherry.  The sun finally went down and it was getting a little chilly, especially since I was by then sunburned, so we headed home, got our blankets and sat out on our veranda again before finally heading off to bed.  It was a good day.


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