Greece – Day 1, Sunday

Day 1 – Sunday

Hey, everyone, we finally made it to Santorini, our first island stop.  We arrived early in the morning and I couldn’t get acclimated to the time because we saw the sun rise up over the ocean.  Normally I only see the sun set over the ocean in the evening since we live on the west so I couldn’t get a feel of the time.  Joey seemed to have no trouble.  It could be that he got some sleep on the plane and I was just a walking zombie!  But it wasn’t long before the sun was high in the sky and eventually setting before us from our veranda at the end of the day.  We decided to skip the taxi and hop on one of the local buses from the airport to Fira, a more bustling and touristy village; although at8amon a Sunday morning it was still pretty sleepy.  It was fun to see the locals get on and off as they were heading off to church.  It was Pentecost on the day we arrived.  One of the lady’s paid for the bus ride with a bag of figs….that was pretty cool.  I made a note to myself then to get myself some figs, which I eventually did.  Once we arrived in Fira we had a 30 minute wait for the bus to Oia so we rolled our luggage up a hill and stopped to have a quick bite to eat.  It was a savory crepe with feta cheese, olives, and sun dried tomatoes in it.  It was yummy and I plan to make some when I get home!  We then got on our bus to Oia and we were so glad we chose this area for our stay.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Lots and lots of cave houses and hotels all built into the side of the cliffs.  We arrived a little early for our check in to our cave house so we dropped off our bags at our hotel and we took a walk along the main promenade of the village.  Everywhere you looked you could see sweeping views of the Aegean Sea with the top of the volcano out in the middle of it all.  There were lots of little markets with fresh produce, restaurants, bars, and pastry shops.  After we checked in our room we headed straight for the pool to ummm…..sleep!  I had basically been up for 24 hours and all I wanted to do was crash.  However, once we were in the cool water sitting there with the amazing view, it was still hard to sleep!  About 3 in the afternoon we finally headed to our room for a 3 hour nap.  After that we walked to the end of the village to see the windmills and watch the sunset behind them.  It was crowded but not overly so really as there were lots of photographers out to catch the beautiful site.  On our way back we stopped in a market and picked up some fruits and veggies, some pasta, and a bottle of wine to make a simple buy yummy dinner in the kitchen of our room.   We ate our dinner by candle light out on our veranda and watched the stars and all the lights of the houses on the cliffs.  It was a perfect ending for a long awaited arrival in Greece.



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